5 Things That Indicate That Honey Bunny Are Your Spirit Animals!

5 Things That Indicate That Honey Bunny Are Your Spirit Animals!
Everyone loves to watch funny cat videos. If you're having a bad day, you can just watch a cat trying to battle a laser pointer and their cute antiques will crack you up in no time. Adorable creatures to say the very least, felines are full of mischief and quirks.

One such funny and entertaining cat duo of television are Honey Bunny, who are winning hearts aplenty amongst viewers both young and old. With a heavy dose of fun, light-hearted banter and camaraderie, they make for the paw-fect dose of entertainment.

On the occasion of World Cat Day, Sony YAY! brings you a list of 5 characteristics to check if you are like Honey and Bunny -

1) Curious soul 
Curiosity is the "art of what-if." If there’s one thing the world knows about cats, it’s that they’re always attentive and on the look-out for what’s happening around them and there are no correct or incorrect questions for them.  If you ask questions and are curious about everything, then Voila, You are just like Honey-Bunny!

2) You’re THE Funny one in your group
If you are the perfect combo of unlimited jokes & smart pranks who cracks up everyone around you with your goofy and funny jokes, you are exactly like the hilarious cat duo Honey Bunny. It isn’t easy being purr-fect at comedy after all.
3) You are always helping others
They say, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. If you are the one everyone turns to in the time of a problem or even when they want to spend some quality time, you’re probably the best person out there. Just like Honey Bunny, who are the front runners in combating any kind of problems for their friends.

4) You are fearless
If you are never intimidated by anyone or any situation and love taking on new   challenges and enjoying exciting new escapades, you are exactly like Honey Bunny.

5) Banter is your MOTTO
If you can take Jokes on you and at the same time have comebacks ready that keep the banter going, then hats off to your unique skills, they match it with Honey Bunny!