Dish TV Rangmanch Offers A Milieu Of Fresh Content This April!

Dish TV Rangmanch Offers A Milieu Of Fresh Content This April!
The ongoing lockdown has theatre-lovers reminiscing the time they sat in darkened auditorium and watched their favourite plays. In order to relive the theatrical experience, Zee Theatre has recreated the best of Indian Theatre that you can watch now from the comfort of your home. This April, watch these teleplays now available on Dish TV Rangmanch Active channel number #356 and D2H channel number #214.

Bagiya Bancharam Ki
The teleplay is a comical tale of power and pride set against the backdrop of the feudalistic zamindari system in rural India. An old Bancharam is fighting to keep his garden safe from the hands of two greedy zamindars, one of whom is a ghost. Starring Raghubir Yadav, Kenneth Desai, Saurabh Dubey, Sushant Kandaya, Hima Singh.

Set in the future, Ishaan trains his Artificial Intelligence robot to become a convincing girl to con his mother into believing that he has found love and is getting married. Starring Rajeev Siddhartha, Yuki Ellias, Shivam Patil, Sonali Sachdeva, Payal Nair, Nandini Sen, Priti Shroff, Suhani Gandhi.

Surya ki Antim Kiran Se Surya Ki Pehli Kiran Tak
A period drama on the trials of a queen, Rani Sheelavati, who reluctantly enters the practice of Niyog and chooses another man for a night because her husband, the King, is unable to produce an heir. The teleplay captures their individual battles of shame, discomfort, and embracement. Starring Madhurima Tuli, Rajat Kaul and Rocky.

Sandhya Chhaya
A typical story from the 70s told in an atypical way, Sandhya Chhaya revolves around the lives of an old couple with an empty nest in the eternal hope that their two sons will return and live with them. A heart-warming tale of loneliness and family. Starring: Deepak Qazir Kejriwal and Uttara Baokar.

Ballavpur Ki Roopkatha         
One for the laughs, this teleplay follows Bhupati, the King of a sleepy town called Ballavpur. Crippled by huge debt, Bhupati, the King of Ballavpur dreams of moving to Calcutta after selling his palace - once he gets rid of the ghost that haunts it. Starring Abha Parmar and Arvind Vaidya.

Double Game
A riveting mystery about a couple at odds, determined to gain an upper hand by outwitting each other at their own game. Starring Rajeshwari Sachdeva and Kiran Karmakar, this teleplay will keep you hooked on to who will eventually win this deceitful double game. Also starring Uday Tikekar, Smita Tambe.
Court Martial –
A junior ranked army man, Ramchander, one day, picks up his gun and shoots down his two senior officers. The army now orders a Court Martial against Ramchander, to prove his crime and decide his punishment. The play comprises the proceedings of this Court where the defence lawyer, the extremely sharp Vikas Roy, played by Rajeev Khandelwal, goes deep into the motive behind the assault and exposes the ugly and shocking truth.  Also starring Govind Pandey, Bhagwaan Tiwari, Saksham Dayma, Swapnil Kotriwar. The play is the Maha natak for the month and will be premiered on 26th April, at 2pm and 6 pm.