Dive Into The World Of Live Music And Dance With ‘SPEAK - Rhythm In Feet!

Dive Into The World Of Live Music And Dance With ‘SPEAK - Rhythm In Feet!
A pioneer in bringing culture closer to audiences through many interesting events in the country, Showhouse Events is now all set to announce a first-of-its-kind live dance and music show ‘SPEAK - Rhythm in Feet’ in India. Taking fans on a melodious journey across three cities, the artistes will give audiences a taste of different rhythms in Mumbai, Kolkata and Gurgaon.  
While you may think that Kathak and Tap dance are very different, ‘SPEAK - Rhythm in Feet’ is all set to surprise you with a sensational amalgamation of the two art forms. Maestros of Kathak Rina Mehta and Rachna Nivas, who have been celebrated for their craft by critics and audiences alike will be collaborating with Americal Tap dancers Michelle Dorrance and Dormeshia. Michelle and Dormeshia are two of the most sought-after dancers of their generation and have won accolades and praises for their work across the globe. Bringing together rhythm, storytelling, poetry and dance fuelled by jazz and Indian classical music by Jayanta Banerjee and Allison Miller, the show will kick start in the city of Mumbai and then travel to Kolkata and Gurgaon.
Rina Mehta says, “ SPEAK - Rhythm in Feet’ is a perfect improvisation of dance and music which has a fusion of both western and Indian classical music. Rachna Nivas is extremely talented and I am really excited to be working with her on this journey. There will be 7 performers from America along with us, and we hope it will give people a great mix to watch.”
Dormeshia says, “India is such a diverse nation with different art forms and there couldn’t have been a better way to bring together our cultures. Dance and Music can tell stories like none other and we Michelle and I can’t wait to perform and see how our audiences will react.”
Omer Haidar, MD, Showhouse Events says, “At Showhouse Events, we aim to bring some of the best art forms to the Indian audiences. SPEAK – Rhythm in Feet has been on our list for a while and we are proud to finally bring the collaboration to India. Indian audiences are in for a treat and we are pretty sure they will love what’s in store for them!"

SPEAK - Rhythm in Feet which takes forward the legacy of iconic artists like Pandit Chitresh Das, Dr. Jimmy Slyde and James Buster Brown puts forth the voices of powerful female artists who are set to light up the stage with their magical performance and serve as the bridge between tradition, innovation, history and progress. The artists had first collaborated in 2017 in San Fransisco followed by performances in Los Angeles and other major cities in America.

Show Details:
First Show – 20th February at The Royal Opera House, Mumbai
Second Show – 21st February at GD Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata
Third Show – 24th February at Epicentre, Gurgaon

 Show Information:
Concept by: Rina Mehta and Rachna Nivas
Choreography by: Rachna Nivas, Rina Mehta, Dormeshia and Michelle Dorrance
Duration - 75 minutes, Dancers – 4, Live musicians – 6