Here Are 5 Kids TV Shows That Will Make You Smile From Ear To Ear!

Here Are 5 Kids TV Shows That Will Make You Smile From Ear To Ear!
In the current times, it is hard for kids to stay away from their friends and miss out on their playtime! While their best friends may not be able to visit them, but their YAY! friends have certainly got their back, delivering a heavy dose of unlimited entertainment along with an abundance of positive influence. Here are some of the most-loved shows by kids that are sure to give them a good time and a host of life lessons amidst the lockdown.

1. Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal
It’s time to laugh out loud! Get ready for the amusing madcap comedy featuring, the hilarious feline duo of Honey and Bunny where Honey is the goofy one and Bunny is a smart prankster. They live with their friends - a talking parrot Popat and a dog named Zordaar who together venture onto crazy adventures when Ms. Katkar is away. This summer, kids can also enjoy the extra dose of Honey Bunny with new movies in store that include Honey Bunny in The Arabian Adventure, Honey Bunny The Millionaires - Honey Bunny and Super Race Car, and many more.

While the duo is always up to some mischief, they also leave kids with the lesson of having each other’s back. Catch this adventure only on Sony YAY! available in 7 different languages across India. The YouTube channel also features some very funny short format videos of the beloved Honey Bunny franchise called ‘Lapet Te Raho’.

Watch the brand-new episodes of Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal from Monday to Friday 10 AM and 12.30 PM only on Sony YAY!

2. Paap-O-Meter
Get ready for the spookiest yet hilarious - fun adventure this summer season with a one-of-a kind ghost comedy show titled Paap-O-Meter. This is a tale about three ghosts, Bhoot Boss and his two assistants, Thakela and Pakela, who are sent to Earth to catch those who sin with the help of their special ‘Paap-O-Meter’ detector. The show teaches a lesson to kids of identifying right from wrong and also instills the idea that all our actions have consequences, all blended in fun stories! 

Catch the brand-new episodes of Paap-O-Meter from Monday to Friday 3 PM only on Sony YAY!

 3.  Motu Patlu
Get ready for some slapstick action with the hilarious tales of two friends Motu and Patlu, who live in Furfuri Nagar and make you laugh out loud with their daily escapades. Despite always landing into trouble, it’s the bond between the two that gets them out of danger. Teaching one about the value of friendship, this show will keep you entertained throughout.

4. Little Singham
Little Singham is an honest, but ferocious, police officer who, fights against the many cases of injustice taking place in the society. He is your friendly neighbourhood cop that every kid looks up and aspires to be. One can binge watch the adventures of this super cop all day on Netflix.

5. Chhota Bheem
Brace yourself for the epic adventures of Chhota Bheem in the fictional kingdom Dholakpur. This Indian super hero will leave you stunned with his intelligence, valour and potential. Not only will you be bowled over with his kindness, but the Netflix show leaves you with a lot of heart-warming friendship goals.

So, there you have it. With these Kids TV shows, your summer vacations are going to be enjoyable and one to remember!!!