Here's What Jacqueline Fernandez Has To Say On Being A Positive Person!

Here's What Jacqueline Fernandez Has To Say On Being A Positive Person!
Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress who is known for her positive approach to life which is why she is popularly hailed as Bollywood's sunshine girl.  When in a conversation in a live stream on Instagram with Gaur Gopal Das, she revealed how did she become who she is today.

Jacqueline Fernandez said "I am very blessed as I have two beautiful parents as they are very compassionate and kind. Growing up I was just raised in this environment where we were taught to do the right thing and just perform good deeds. Especially being kind to others. There would be no greater tragedy or no greater way to upset my father than if we were not kind or rude to people.”
The actress further added "I think one of my greatest superpowers is that I grew up never having an Ego. No matter where we travelled to or no matter what we became, I and my siblings never carried ego. I think our parents instilled it in us so much that ego can be the root of so much evil and suffering."

The actress has grown up in a diverse background and she has made a huge mark in Bollywood all on her own with her blazing passion and scorching dedication as fuel to her fire of will. Amidst the chaos and the darkness, the pandemic has brought to us, Jacqueline has bought to the audience light and positivity.

On the work front, apart from being an immensely successful actress, Jacqueline has delivered super hit songs one after the other with the latest one being the love anthem 'Tere Bina' alongside actor Salman Khan. The sparking duo received humongous admiration and appreciation as they had in their last appearance on the silver screen.