Neepa Shah: We Rise By Lifting Others!

Neepa Shah: We Rise By Lifting Others!
Yes, that's exactly the psyche of this innovative marketing and management agency - Massaya. Founded by Neepa s Shah, a leading woman entrepreneur handling clients marketing and management requirements since the last 5+ years, Massaya is an agency that helps you find everything under one roof. At Massaya, they believe that your business is awesome - but their team will help you make it even more awesome. Find out how! 

We've all seen agencies which either handle social media marketing or telemarketing or management and admin requirements of a client or influencer marketing. But, with Massaya, everything happens under one roof. How do they do it? Well, they have a team of handpicked professionals under one roof who are extremely talented in their own fields helping you with your brand requirements. Currently, Massaya has the following three verticals: 

Massaya Agency 

This vertical helps you with your branding, marketing, admin, telecalling and other business related activities that are essential for your brand to grow. With a team of expert professionals, they want to give you an end-to-end customer service experience i.e. how to fetch new customers, how to retain them, how to service them well and lots more. Massaya agency also organises various branding initiatives like awards, photoshoots etc in order to showcase your brand and market it in an out-of-the-box fashion. Lastly, they also provide office space usage for consultants, their clients and everyone who needs a virtual office for their setup. 

Massaya Weddings and Festivities 

In order to promote their wedding and festival related professionals, this agency hosts an in-house influencing page on Facebook and Instagram via which it showcases the work of PAN India professionals to an audience of 11000+ people. Along with it, they also have a huge whatsapp database of people connecting buyers and sellers on the same platform to help them grow their business. Moreover, various exhibitions, product launches are also a part of this! 

Massaya Kids 

Their brand new line of influencing pages, Massaya Kids is aiming to bring all kids categories and professionals under one page from pre-borns to teenagers. Via this activity, they aim to reach out to many more people and help professionals grow their business four-folds. Workshops, seminars etc for kids are regularly organised during vacations to foster a child's growth and help a professional grow their business. 

With all this in hand and a vision to service the clients with every single tiny requirement they have to make their businesses better, Massaya is all set to soar high. Trust us when we say this - once you go to Massaya, this agency will service your brand like no other! Your search for the absolute genie for your business ends here!