Photograph Movie Review: A Subtle And Soulful Depiction Of The Intricate Nuances Of Human Relationships!

Photograph Movie Review: A Subtle And Soulful Depiction Of The Intricate Nuances Of Human Relationships!
Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanya Malhotra
Directed By: Ritesh Batra
3/5 Stars

Photograph revolves around a shy girl Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) who agrees to pose as the fiance of Rafiq (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a street photographer for the sake of his grandmother. The two form an unusually close bond shackilng the chains of societal indifference and educational barriers. The duo realize they have a baggage of hidden emotions within themselves and find an unexplained close proximity within each other's company. Somewhere they find a unique way of discovering each other and share a blossoming togetherness and companionship.

The film fairly manages to depict a varying range of emotions like finding joy in simple things, living your life solely for yourself and rediscovery. However the film also manages to fall short in some of the plot lines.

This Ritesh Batra directorial allows us to take our own time to comprehend the complexities of this unusual formation of a romance. The lead pair have some unspoken conversation through their glances and hidden concern for each other. The ideation is truly beautiful but the whole subdued treatment and execution leads to a dull aura in some moments. 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui inevitably stands out due to the impeccable depth and intensity in his performance. His emotions speak out loud without any extroverted dialogues or chaos. Sanya's performance takes the dull note in many moments owing to the overly restricted emotions but she shines bright nevertheless opposite Nawaz. 

The slow pace of the film takes a toll on your patience but the old school romance woven by Batra looks endearing too discover. The old Mumbai charms like Gateway Of India, Campa Cola and Golas play a unique catalyst in the film. 

The high point of the film is the characterization. He keeps all his characters real. He leaves upon the audience to decide their fate. A special shoutout to the brilliancy of the character of Nawaz's grandmother in the film essayed by Farrukh Jaffar with absolute perfection. 

But these factors also lead to the lack of connection of the audience with the film. Somewhere the film lacks depth unlike Lunchbox. There are some major lack of reasoning around a nature of a particular character.

It can be safe to say that Batra has woven a puzzle for us to solve. The climax will definitely make you think so. It will leave you astonished and leave you wanting for more. 

It is true that the film has several loopholes to it but again the film finds its beauty in ambiguity. Watch this one to solve the mystery of this unusual romance.