SPI Cinemas Launches Unique Popcorn Tumblers Designed By Differently Abled Artists!

SPI Cinemas Launches Unique Popcorn Tumblers Designed By Differently Abled Artists!
SPI Cinemas is proud to present “Differently Designed” an initiative for inclusive design in the mainstream
market place born out of a collaboration between non-profit organisation Kai Rassi and creative agency,

Differently Designed is an initiative that aims to empower differently abled artists by creating opportunities in design. By interpreting and adapting these special artworks, Differently Designed aims to create custom designs for packaging, invitations, stationery, clothing and merchandise for brands and individuals. “We believe that differently abled artists have the potential to translate their views of the world into unique and beautiful pieces of art. They have the potential to see what others do not see and do what others do not do. Through Differently Designed, we aim to to empower artists with special needs by creating mainstream opportunities,” says Indira Reddy, one of the three founders of Kai Rassi. 
SPI Cinemas

“Great designs come with great stories. It is our hope to tell the stories of our artists through their unique designs. So far we’ve played around with a wedding invitation and fabric design for friends but the popcorn tubs are our first product under the Differently Designed label. We hope to find a clothing brand to adapt Differently Designed very soon. Brands that tell great stories like Nicobar, Titan and Tanishq are on our wish list” pitches in Kadambari Narendran with a smile.

The collaboration was facilitated by SPI Cinemas, which works closely with both Kai Rassi and Rubecon.
“We are always looking to do things a little differently so we are only too happy to be the first clients for Dif-
ferently Designed. The idea came from our Head of Experience Bhavesh Shah, who was inspired by the
Spanish agency ‘Casa de Carlota’ on his visit to Barcelona last year. We are trying that to be inclusive in
other departments of our business as well. Design was a no brainer. The tubs will be carried across our pre-
mium sites Sathyam, Escape and Palazzo in Chennai, Le Rêve in Mumbai and The Cinema in Bangalore and Coimbatore,” says Preetha Ramaswamy, Spokesperson SPI Cinemas and Volunteer Creative & PR
Consultant Kai Rassi.
SPI Cinemas
 “We’re always excited by campaigns we do with SPI and are involved in all of their social impact designs. So when they suggested this collaboration, we were on board right away. I think it’s a fantastic idea and we can cheer is wide scope to create some really amazing designs, be it in packaging, clothing, bags, watches or even jewellery. We hope a lot of our clients follow suit!” says Alexander Zachariah, Founder, Rubecon.