This August, Zee Theatre Pays Homage To Azaadi Of Every Kind On Airtel Spotlight!

This August, Zee Theatre Pays Homage To Azaadi Of Every Kind On Airtel Spotlight!
The spirit of Independence Day has been consistent with unity, patriotism and an unmistakable pride in our country that has evolved over the 74 years. The annual celebration of freedom resonates with billions of Indians, but the day goes beyond just that. It’s layered significance in society also lies in letting go of prejudice and blind faith, which is of as much importance as sharing a sense of solidarity for fellow citizens. This year, Zee Theatre celebrates the tricolour by saluting the many shades of society that deserve freedom. Freedom to love, live and flourish. Tune in to Airtel Spotlight and celebrate Azadi ke Rang from every walk of life.

Final Solutions
A narrative that transcends time with its message, ‘Final Solutions’ tackles the very real and long-drawn communal divide in the country. When the little town of Amargaon is struck by a communal clash, one family finds itself sheltering two members of the opposing community. 15-year-old Daksha tells a tale of two time periods and exposes the sad truth of how intolerance has not changed even 50 years after India’s independence. ‘Final Solutions’ inspires viewers to find azadi from religion and discover humanity. Starring Uttara Baokar, Vipin Sharma, Samta Sagar, Lyra Dutt, Srishti Shrivastava, Alok Kumar, and Niketan Sharma.

Maa Retire Hoti Hai
When a woman who has unconditionally served her family through the years finally decides to “retire” from household duties it comes as a surprise to her family. ‘Maa Retire Hoti Hai’ is a stark reminder of how Indian women are expected to let their own happiness take the back seat in favour of the well-being of  their families. The teleplay urges us to be azaad from the idea that mothers always have to sacrifice their own lives to take care of others.. Staring Reema Lagoo, Yatin Karyekar, Sachin Deshpande, Shweta Mehendale, Sanket Phatak, Mansi Naik, Rutuja Nagwekar.
Bagiya Bancharam Ki
A comical tale with a social message of equality and honour, ‘Bagiya Bancharam Ki’ follows the old Bancharam fighting to keep his precious garden safe from the hands of two greedy zamindars, one of whom is a ghost. A simple story of power and pride set against the backdrop of the feudalistic zamindari system in rural India, this teleplay teaches us to be free from greed, envy, and pride. Find azadi in living a life of honour and respect. Starring Raghubir Yadav, Kenneth Desai, Saurabh Dubey, Sushant  Kandaya, Hima Singh.

‘Purush’ is a mirror of the patriarchal Indian society. Trapped in a regressive and unyielding scenario, the resilient Ambika Bhagawat not only fights for herself but also stands up for other women who are subjected to injustice or oppression. Her fight against the corrupt and misogynistic Gulab Singh is aided by others like her who never give up and eventually find a way to gain justice. ‘Purush’ renders us free from society’s norms and opinions of gender, power, and justice demanding Azadi for women from all walks of life. Starring Ashutosh Rana, Gulki Joshi, Paromita Chatterjee, Deepak Qazir, Kranti Prakash Jha and Neha Saraf.

Dance Like A Man
‘Dance Like A Man’ highlights our azadi from traditional gender roles and gender expectations, through the story of Jairaj and Ratna, two Bharat Natyam dancers past their prime. Their daughter Lata is on the brink of establishing herself as a brilliant dancer, and her imminent success creates tension and jealousy in the family. The teleplay goes beyond the norm and stereotypes to highlight the constantly evolving understanding of gender in society. Starring Lillete Dubey, Vijay Crishna, Suchitra Pillai, and Joy Sengupta.