Top 5 Bollywood Actresses with Curly Hair and The Grace with Which They Embrace It

Top 5 Bollywood Actresses with Curly Hair and The Grace with Which They Embrace It

There aren't many individuals with curly hair nowadays because of smoothing, keratin, and rebounding. But cheers if you've made the decision to accept your naturally curly hair! When discussing such individuals, it is impossible to ignore the Bollywood divas who, in addition to inspiring us with their magnificent natural curls, showed us how to appreciate what your genes have given you.
Contrary to popular belief, maintaining curly hair is the most difficult task. Because it is simpler to handle and looks excellent both open and in a twisted ponytail, many people prefer straight hair to curly hair.
Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Bollywood Actresses with Curly Hair:

1) Himanee 
Himanee Bhatia is really lucky to possess a head full of stunning, bouncy curls when it comes to curly hair. Despite her acting skills, she has unquestionably drawn notice with her stunning looks and shiny curly hair in the web series "Decoupled," which stars R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla.

2) Kangana Ranaut
Kangana, with her sense of elegance, has perfected the art of curls. From embracing her natural hair in her debut movie, Gangster, to looking stunning with essentially the same hairstyle in the majority of her flicks, this has truly grown to be known as her signature hairstyle. We adore the way she stands out from the crowd by proudly displaying her curls.
3) Nithya Menen
If you have mid-length or short hair, Nitya Menon will demonstrate how to get more done with less. We have always been enthralled by the Mission Mangal actress's acting prowess. Despite this, her natural curls have given her plain beauty a golden touch.

4) Sanya 
The actress from Dangal handles her curly, natural mane with style and grace. We're glad Sanya Malhotra is making a name for herself in the industry and slaying with her naturally beautiful hair.

5) Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu is never shy about showing off her gorgeous locks. The Thappad actress has gushed about how much she adores her naturally curly hair, which has a wonderful texture and volume.