"We Owe A Debt To The Villagers Of Our Country",Says Shah Rukh Khan!

The audience has celebrated the first 3 weeks of Star Plus’ show TED Talks India Nayi Baat with few thought provoking and inspiring speakers taking center stage. This week we will see speaker Anshu Gupta, a social entrepreneur who founded Goonj, a voluntary organisation, headquartered in Delhi. 

The theme of this weekend’s episode is – Kamaal Ka Kal, where speaker Anshu Gupta will share how he started Goonj with his wife and few friends. The organisation works on the basic need of clothing, an issue that does not have a place in the development agenda. Using cloth as a metaphor for other crucial but ignored needs like sanitary pads for menses or school material for education, for the last 18 years, under Gupta's leadership Goonj has taken the growing urban waste and used it as a tool to trigger development work on diverse issues; roads, water, environment, education, health etc. in backward and remote pockets of India. Under Goonj's flagship initiative ‘Cloth for Work’ village communities across India work on their own issues and get the urban material as a reward for their efforts. 
The host and presenter of Ted Talks India Nayi Baat, Shah Rukh Khan was mighty impressed with Anshu’s initiative and also said, “We owe a huge debt to the villagers of our country.” 

Anshu Gupta’s revolutionary work is truly inspiring as his organisation is tirelessly working towards bridging the widening gap between urban prosperity and rural poverty with an under-utilized resource – cloth.

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