WLTH Launches A Range Of Premium Natural Products For Holistic Wellbeing

WLTH Launches A Range Of Premium Natural Products For Holistic Wellbeing
New age wellness and nutrition brand WLTH-We Love To Heal, is all set to take the holistic health and wellness market by a storm with the launch of its scientifically formulated, adaptogenic herbal supplements. WLTH’s celestial elixirs intend to make daily wellness regimens easier and more enjoyable by bringing total lifestyle balance in physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. The brand’s founder, Arshia Pasricha believes that self-care only becomes a natural habit when it's easy and indulgent and has designed WLTH’s products to serve as the perfect addition to daily self-care rituals. Drink a mindful cup of energy flow on waking, a refreshing focus boost in the afternoon and a luscious blend of calm ease before bed. Not positioned as quick fixes, the elixirs contain the power of natural preventive healthcare and offer plant-based support for our body's inherent healing powers so one can think and feel like the best version of themselves.
WLTH aims to take its consumers on a healing and blooming journey with its Celestial Elixirs. The brand’s founder believes that with the body, mind and spirit in optimal balance, people can tune into the cosmic play and transcend with the mystical energies of the universe. Says Arshia, “WLTH is designed for consumers who are conscious about what they fuel their bodies with and are looking for clean, natural options to achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals. So, whether you need to calm down and reduce anxiety, optimise brain function, elevate your mood, activate a flow state, lower inflammation, or just get quality sleep, we have a celestial elixir for you.”

WLTH presents five products to promote healing, overall wellbeing and holistic health: 

 1. WLTH Energy Flow: This formula restores your natural energy levels and aids metabolism while fighting fatigue and lethargy. It recharges the body + mind and serves as the perfect clean pre workout to add to your daily fitness routine. It enhances physical strength, boosts stamina and endurance naturally. 

2. WLTH Calm Ease: This elixir serves as the go-to solution to combat stress and anxiety. It enhances the tranquility of mind and promotes inner zen. It relaxes your body and promotes restful sleep.

Wlth Ease

3. WLTH Mood Lift: This formula is designed to fight irritability and moodiness. It promotes overall wellbeing, happiness and serves as a daily pick me up to lift your spirits. It enhances a positive state of mind and puts a smile on your face.

Wlth Mood

4. WLTH Focus Now: Experience laser-sharp focus with our focus booster. This elixir serves as a natural cognitive enhancer that aids mental clarity and productivity. The formula is the perfect solution to get in the zone so you can get more done in less time. It supports memory and learning while promoting cognitive function.
Wlth Focus

5. WLTH Immunity & Gut: This is an essential solution to boost your immune function, aid digestion and nourish your gut flora. The formula is designed to promote healthy gut microbiome and stimulate adaptive immunity.

Wlth Immunity

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