Ankit D'souza: I Wake Up Every Day Thinking That I Am Living A Dream!

Ankit D'souza: I Wake Up Every Day Thinking That I Am Living A Dream!
"Assignment" is a very rare musical drama that has every element of a blockbuster movie. Though "Assignment"  has a genre of a peppy love number it has a pinch of action and thrill to it . 

Despite  "Assignment"   being of the unconventional nature of his debut Ankit maintains his take that it is an absolutely uncalculated risk that he had to take supporting this statement he says "Pradeep Sarkar has such a strong aura about him. And this was a beautiful musical story and my desire to be a part of it overwhelmed all calculations, it was a wonderful experience also working with Richa Chaddha has been a like a dream come true”
On her experience of working with Ankit,  Richa Chadda says “It is always a pleasure to work with like minded people & bundle of talent ,Pradeep Da is one of my favourite directors ,Ankit is extremely talented and has a bright future , it was fun to shoot this single and was an amazing experience for me ,Ankit and I hit it off very well and I wish him all the luck”

Keeping a step ahead of the all the typical melodrama is a convincing act that is showcased in Assignment , energetically led by the Ankit Dsouza, whose noteworthy screen charisma promises well for his future career. 
On his excitement working on the music video he says, “After Assignment all the time I ought to be pinching myself sitting in front of people. I wake up everyday thinking that I am living a dream. I was this young kid obsessed with Hindi movies Acting for me is not a job, it is a calling. The romance associated with being an actor often calls for a compulsive inquiry that leds to the moment of realisation of the dream. I made my own luck. I put my self in that position that where good wave comes and you can flow with it. "

The movie is presented by Dancing Shadows productions and directed by Renowned director Pradeep Sarkar 

Music is given by Meet Bros, sung by Benny Dayal and the Lyrics are written by Swanand Kirkire.