5 Things ‘Bollywood Queen’ Rekha Spoke On Super Dancer Chapter 3!

5 Things ‘Bollywood Queen’ Rekha Spoke On Super Dancer Chapter 3!
During Rekha’s presence on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3, she appreciated the contestants for beautifully imitating and bringing out her characters from various Bollywood movies like ‘Silsila’, ‘Suhaag’, ‘Khiladiyo ka Khiladi’ and many more. During the performance of Kathak King and little, ‘Birju Maharah’, Dhairya Tandon on the song 'Salam Ae Ishq' Shilpa Shetty Kundra mentioned that she sees Rekha's exact impressions in Dhairya. The highlight of this performance was both Dhairya and his Super Guru Kumar were dressed as women. Appreciating his performance Rekha confessed, "The way Dhairya is dressed like a girl and performed on my song, I wish that if I had a girl child, she should just be like Dhairya." 

Adding on, Rekha who had previously visited Super Dancer Chapter 2 mentioned that Chapter 3 has raised the bar a notch higher. She said, "You don't need medicines when you have Super Dancer. It's a great heal and doze of Entertainment for all your problems."
2) What made Rekha come back on Super Dancer Chapter 3 for the second time?
Small town girl Jaishree Gogoi from Guwahati made dancing diva emotional and break into tears through her unique picturization of Rekha's beauty. She performed on the song 'Dil chiz kya hai' and during her performance, Rekha who graced the sets of Super Dancer for the second time mentioned that, “The stage allows me to express myself else in reality, I am a very silent person. I don’t open up much but, I am never able to control my emotions seeing such amazing talents around.” The super talented kids also inspire her. Contestant Jaishree made her recall her childhood where Rekha added, “I was very much like Jaishree. Silent while taking and enthusiastic when it comes to dancing.”
3) Super Dancer Tejas Verma reminds Rekha of Shahrukh Khan's childhood 
9 year old contestant Tejas Verma from Maharashtra took the audiences and judges and Rekha on an entertaining trip with his, ‘dhamakedaar’ performance on the song 'Rang Barse'. With his colorful performance, Rekha and judges along with the contestants were seen playing Holi on the sets. During his performance,  Rekha mentioned, “I can relate Tejas with Shahrukh Khan's childhood. He has the same smile, eyes, and lips like Shahrukh Khan. Tejas with his monkey pony tail looks like a twin of little Shahrukh Khan.”
4) Rekha sees her impression in classical queen Anwesha 
Anwesha who performed Kathak on the song 'In aankho ki masti' unveiled being a core bharatnatyam dancer how she managed to imitate Rekha in the song. She didn't do good in the first attempt.  But then, she watched a lot of videos of Rekha to learn expressions.  Rekha mentioned, “The moment I saw Anwesha dancing, I saw my impression in her. Anwesha is very flexible with her Kathak moves.” In the performance Anwesha was dressed almost in the same way like that of Rekha with the glittery golden dress which made them look similar.

5) Super Dancer is a Gurukul where kids  learn from their Super Gurus and vice versa
According to the homegrown IP format of the show, the contestants are paired with their super gurus to perform on the stage. The platform becomes a medium of learning exchange for the kids and the gurus. Rekha mentiones, “Super Dancer is a gurukul where the kids learn from their super gurus and the gurus learn from the kids as  well.”

Watch, ‘Jash-Ae-Rekha’ on Super Dancer Chapter 3 this Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.