Madgaon Express Review : Kunal Kemmu Brings Humor with A Heart

Madgaon Express Review : Kunal Kemmu Brings Humor with A Heart
Directed by: Kunal Kemmu
Starring: Divyenndu, Pratik Gandhi, Avinash Tiwary, Nora Fatehi, Upendra Limaye, Chhaya Kadam
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Duration: 2h 23m

Three friends after three attempts take a trip to Goa, nothing can go wrong till everything does.

Divyenndu hands us a first class ticket to comedy. Much like a seasoned driver navigating the tracks of comedy he guides the film to the correct destination. He has a steady control over his craft and with each passing scene he impresses more and more. Surely his character Dodo revisits the same station of the past, and that adds an additional layer of humor. One of my favorite scenes involves Dodo monologuing about the Indian Railways as the patriotic theme of a previous movie plays in the background. Divyenndu ensures the train never derails in this unpredictable journey.

Another testament to Pratik Gandhi’s unparalleled talent and versatility as an actor. He pulls out all the stops, delivering performances to remember and steams ahead with magnetic charm. His comic timing is as reliable as a train schedule. This high speed express of performance gets a brilliant start and doesn’t stop till the conclusion. What a scene-stealer!

From 'The Girl on the Train' to 'Madgaon Express' , Avinash Tiwary can take any movie genre route and still give us a scenic view of his performance. Charm and wit are the perfect companions for a lighthearted watch. His character takes us on a fun-filled adventure. The interactions with rest of the characters are so well done that you wonder how many seasons of Madgaon Express has it been.

Good to see Nora Fatehi stepping into the role of Tasha. Her dynamic energy injects the narrative with excitement and vitality. While she may not have as much screen time as other characters, Fatehi's magnetic presence and undeniable talent shine through in every moment she's on screen.

Upendra Limaye’s uproarious portrayal will leave you in splits. It's not just Limaye's slapstick humor that we are focusing here it's also his gift for witty banter and clever improv. Let's not even get started with his sharp one-liners. An enjoyable performance from him.

“Time khoti nahi karne ka” precisely Chhaya Kadam doesn’t waste a second of her screen time, seizing every moment on screen with precision and purpose. Her razor sharp wit, a golden tooth and undeniable confidence. She has commanded audience attention in the best way possible. 

Direction and Writing

A student of movies is a student of life, Kunal Kemmu pays homage to the comedy genre, drawing inspiration from his own experiences as an actor in previous comedy movies. With a keen understanding of comic timing and a knack for storytelling, Kunal Kemmu infuses the film with humor and charm that is refreshing. It's a situational comedy through and through and he does justice to that category. Placing characters in outlandish situations, Kunal creates comic tension and opportunities for humor, allowing the film to explore the unexpected and the absurd situations.

The comedy is well done, but surely there are moments of predictability…maybe in terms of punchline or premise. The storyline unfolds in a formulaic manner at times. But it compensates for the skillful use of physical comedy, strong characters and humorous premise.

One thing I absolutely loved about the writing is that it excels in its authenticity. It always has characters to be relatable and that's usually a miss in over-the-top premises. Even with high stakes you have characters that have something for everyone. Well done Kunal for bringing in humor with heart.


The music of the film is composed by Sharib-Toshi Ankur Tewari, Kunal Kemmu, Sagar Desai,
Sameer Uddin and Ajay-Atul. Lyrics are written by Kumaar, Ajay-Atul, Kalim Sheikh and Kunal Kemmu. A diverse line up that somewhat aces, it's not bad but doesn't stand out either. However I can see “Baby Bring It On" by Kumaar, Ajay-Atul played in events no doubt.

Final thoughts: Watch or skip
It’s Dil Chahta Hai for the middle class, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara quite literally as they are unintentionally trapped in the world of gangsters and Go Goa Gone without the supernatural. Watch this movie in theaters if you are a fan of old-school humor with a brilliant cast. Was it Mendoza? Or Mangola, Mandagiini, Madelline. The answers await in the theaters.
Stars: 4/5