Animal Review: Unveiling Ranbir Kapoor's Intensity, Sandeep Reddy's 'Animal' Roars with Grit and Action

Animal Review: Unveiling Ranbir Kapoor's Intensity, Sandeep Reddy's 'Animal' Roars with Grit and Action
Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, Tripti Dimri
Directed by: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Duration: 201 min

An estranged father son dynamic takes on a new level when the son takes revenge for an
attack done on his father.

Direction and writing: 

Sandeep Reddy Vanga doesn't hold back one bit. If his previous work showcased his bold and
gritty vision, Animal has gone ten fold in terms of delivering it. Sandeep Reddy has effectively
translated intensity onto the screen through powerful visuals and stylistic choices, creating a
palpable atmosphere that draws the audience into the story's dark and turbulent world. When
was the last time 201 minutes of cinema kept you seated, curious to know what's next? This
movie is unapologetically raw, it has certain notions and come hell or high water, it will deliver it.
The film has themes that might spark debates, but it does offer perspective beyond surface. It's
not in any way lacking depth. Sandeep Reddy storytelling is undoubtedly gripping, weaving
together intricate character arcs and intense sequences that immerse the viewers in the film's


As the protagonist, Ranbir Kapoor might have delivered a layered and intense portrayal of
Ranvijay Singh. Known for his versatility, Kapoor could have embodied the emotional turmoil
and complexities of a son longing for his father's attention while grappling with the challenges
presented in the narrative. His ability to convey vulnerability, determination, and strength might
have been central to the film's success.

The strength of Anil Kapoor’s performance might lie in his ability to convey a wide spectrum of
emotions authentically. Whether in moments of intense action, familial conflict, or introspection,
convincing performances have made his character engaging. Another thing worth mentioning is
Anil Kapoor’s versatility by navigating between extremes, this enhanced the overall texture of
the film.

Bobby Deol, What can we say that might not have already been said. This is his most ambitious
role no doubt. The way he handled the task of bringing to life a compelling and formidable
character deserves praise. His ability to evoke a sense of challenge heightening the stakes in
the film is not a miss. Moreover Bobby’s physical performances, the way he was up and about
the action scenes, whether in terms of choreography, physical agility, or intensity, everything
was brilliant.

The trailer did not do justice to Rashmika Mandanna. She effectively conveyed emotions,
thoughts and intentions through her subtle gestures and facial expressions. She consistently
maintained the essence of a character throughout the film. This is a hallmark of a dependable

Tripti Dimri has a scene stealing performance. It's a memorable performance with standout
moments that is bound to linger in the audience's memory. It's a short stint but it's emotionally
charged leaving a lasting impact.

Animal might have portrayed hyper-masculine characters and behaviors, possibly reinforcing
stereotypes related to aggressive masculinity. The exploration of familial relationships,
particularly the strained father-son dynamic,is the focal point. If any of these themes do not
interest you, then this film is not for you.

Technical prowess:
Animal’s cinematography has showcased visually striking compositions, employing various
framing techniques to create visually engaging scenes. Scenes are bathed in specific hues
contrasted with stark lighting to evoke certain emotions and signify thematic elements within the
narrative. There is a scene in the film where Ranbir Kapoor’s character walks in a classroom
firing shots, the camera moments and the use of soundtrack makes it one of the most cold and
gritty movie scene of 2023. 'Hua Main' by Raghav Chaitanya might have a profound hold on the audience. But let's just take a moment to appreciate the balance between dialogues, background sounds, and music
handled so seamlessly for an elevated auditory experience. The film's soundtrack has featured
a diverse range of music that complemented the narrative. The film score is composed by
Harshavardhan Rameshwar. It intensified emotions, heightened tension, and provided cues for
specific scenes, aligning with Animal’s themes and moods.

Watch or skip?
This movie is not for everyone. It has a massy, over the top appeal to it. But those aspects are
well done to the core. Watch this movie for Ranbir Kappor for he has given everything to the film
(Twice as much). With stellar performances from the cast and brilliantly executed action scenes,
this is no doubt a theater watch.
Stars: 3.5/5