Anshula Kapoor Gets Trolled For Not Helping Her Sister Janhvi Kapoor!

Anshula Kapoor Gets Trolled For Not Helping Her Sister Janhvi Kapoor!
In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, Arjun Kapoor shared the couch with sister Janhvi Kapoor. The sibling duo had an adorable banter. Arjun how he and his sister Anshula became a great support system to Janhvi and Khushi after Sridevi's death. Well but seems like everything was not a bunch of roses on the show. 

Well while Janhvi won the coffee hamper, it was time for the quiz round after that. During the round, both Arjun and Janhvi were required to call any one member of their family and ask them to say, 'Hey, Karan What's Up' on the speaker. 
While Janhvi was gearing up to defeat Arjun in this round too, she called her sister Anshula Kapoor and asked them to say these words. But despite of Janhvi saying repeatedly to Anshula to say these words, Anshula could not say it. However this did not go well with some fans of Janhvi.
Janhvi Kapoor posted a throwback picture with Anshula on a rollercoaster but immediately some fans began to troll Anshula and state negative comments on the post targeting her for not helping Janhvi.

However Janhvi cleared to one of the fans that Anshula could not help her as she did not understand what she was saying so could not help her and also inquired to her about that phone call. Well, but that did not stop some negative comments pouring against Anshula. 
Well, one also wonders why Janhvi did not call Khushi during the quiz round. Perhaps we assume, she was not available at that moment but we expected her to seek Khushi's help at that moment. 

Well, we all know that since Sridevi's death, Arjun and Anshula have been an immense emotional support for Janhvi and Khushi so we are sure that such small incidents should not