Ashley Lobo And Valerie Green To Share Stage For Unique Dance Show In Mumbai!

Ashley Lobo And Valerie Green To Share Stage For Unique Dance Show In Mumbai!
India's dance virtuoso Ashley Lobo and international dancer and choreographer Valerie Green are going to come together for the first time for a show in India. They will be choreographing contemporary dance recitals with talents from Navdhara India Dance Theatre. In addition to this, the 60-minute showcase, titled 'Confluence', will see three other emerging choreographers present a piece each. The event will be held at G5A, Mumbai on March 13, 2020, and promises to be a spectacle of pure dance and rhythm.

Lobo has consistently put India on the international map through his shows and his dancers who perform and train abroad. At Confluence, he is set to premiere two pieces — ‘Together’ and ‘Loop’. Both are prequels or preparatory pieces to a full-length larger dance piece titled ‘Om’. Lobo's concept of ‘Om’ is based on the belief that ‘all’ has always existed and always will. “To me ‘Om’ is the word that encompasses everything. It holds all aspects of life. Within the term ‘Om’, good, bad, dark, light, right, wrong all exist. It’s the belief that everything just is, as it is.” Lobo said. 

The showcase will see critically acclaimed American choreographer Valerie Green presenting her first-ever choreography in India. Lobo's association with Green took shape through her 'HOME' project where Lobo was one of five international choreographers to work with her dancers to depict his interpretation of what ‘HOME’ means to him living in India. Talking about his association with Green for Confluence, Lobo said, "As choreographers, we are both very experimental and like to approach things in an out of box way. She has the freedom to mould our dancers which comes from a level of trust that we as artists share". 
Valerie Green has been an active dancer, choreographer and teacher in the New York City dance community since 1995 and created her own company, Dance Entropy in 1998. On her stint in India and working with Lobo's dancers, Green said, "Ashley’s attempt to bring international dance to India is laudatory and it’s a very different experience to work with dancers here on a complex choreography. They have a warmth and openness unlike what I have seen before." Green's 18-minute presentation at the upcoming showcase is titled ‘The Space Between’, "The piece I have developed with Navdhara is about energy and consciousness. The precariousness of the unknown, the time between breath, of risk, resistance, and boundaries. An invocation to ones journey to freedom," she adds. 

The other choreographers Veronica Jose, Chetan Solanki, and Razul Singh (who are senior dancers with Navdhara India Dance Theatre) are going to showcase choreographies based on gender, communication and expectations, respectively. 

Ashley Lobo, a spearhead of international dance in India, is the Founder/ Artistic Director of The Danceworx and Navdhara India Dance Theatre. His career comprises of over 35 years of performing, choreographing and teaching, in India and overseas. Ashley has choreographed over 30 films and as many stage productions. He’s also been a judge on India’s Dancing Superstar on Star Plus.