Ashley Lobo Introduces The Prestigious Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) Ballet Certification Program To Delhi!

Ashley Lobo Introduces The Prestigious Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) Ballet Certification Program To Delhi!
Ashley Lobo has been a visionary for International dance in India and has been committed over the last 2 decades to giving Indian dancers access to international level training in this field. Taking another step in this direction, Ashley is introducing the highly prestigious Ballet Certification Program from the Royal Academy of Dance to our capital. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations, headquartered out of London.

The Danceworx RAD Certification Program will focus on Classical Ballet, which is recognized as the foundation of dance. Yehuda Maor, who is currently Ballet Master at Navdhara India Dance Theatre and previously faculty with prestigious dance organisations like the Alvin Ailey Company (New York, USA) and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel), will be the International Advisor on the program. Rilantry Septiantari, Founder and Artistic Director of D’Posture Ballet & Dance Institute (Jakarta, Indonesia) will be the Program Head.
“I have always believed that it is very important for youngsters to acquire a professional mindset whether that be in the arts or anywhere else. The R.A.D Certification Program has been created to meet that need and also to take the philosophy and vision of The Danceworx of ‘’Go Real, Go Professional, Go International” one step ahead’’, says Ashley Lobo, who will be the Artistic Director & Chief Advisor of the Program.

The Royal Academy of Dance was founded in 1920 in London, UK and it has transformed into one of the largest dance organizations in the world with over 14,000 members in 80 countries. Having been around for almost a century now, certifications from the RAD are recognized by the national qualification’s regulators of all UK nations. So the introduction of the RAD Certification Program by The Danceworx will be a powerful route to realizing the dreams of young Indian dancers. 

Ashley has also developed Prana Paint™, a unique sensitizing approach to dance that has put him on the international map and led to him being invited to teach and choreograph overseas. He has been invited to teach this notable technique at the Joffrey Ballet (New York, USA) and at various international dance companies including Inbal Dance Theatre (Israel). Ashley is also one of the first, if not the only Indian choreographer to be invited to choreograph international ballet companies as well. Latest being his full-length works with the Ballet Chemnitz (Germany) and the Linz Ballet (Austria).