Famed Jewellery Designer Kapila Bhutta Gets Nostalgic About Her Poignant Journey And Brand 'Joolriefusion'!

Famed Jewellery Designer Kapila Bhutta Gets Nostalgic About Her Poignant Journey And Brand 'Joolriefusion'!
It is said that there are no secrets to failure. Its a fruit of extreme hard work, determination and the zeal to overcome all obstacles life has to offer in your path in your journey to achieve your dreams. It takes an immeasurable amount of strength to pursue your dream amidst all difficulties which is why renowned jewellery designer Kapila Bhutta's journey is so exceptional. The brainchild behind the famed brand, 'Joolriefusion', Kapila recently got candid with us in an interview where she got nostalgic about how her love for jewelries led her to cross all hurdles and fulfill her dream which ultimately led to the birth of Joolreifusion.
Kapila Bhutta's inspiring journey began with an innocent dream when she was just in the ninth grade. Speaking to us on the commencement of her journey, she revealed, "It all started when I was in the ninth grade. I decided that I want to become a jewellery designer and I don't know really how it came by. I had always seen my parents and everybody in the house buying jewellery. While accompanying my mother to the jeweller, I used to see that she's wearing a dirty yellow jewellery. Given that so much money is being invested on it, I never liked it and then I thought that I should start designing jewellery. So, from the ninth grade this dream was there but I didn't know if there are classes or anything, but I was very sure that I wanted to become a jewellery designer." She further went on to say how on the course of completing her higher education, she held onto that dream and finally completed her jewellery designer course from Jewellery Product Development Centre. 

Recalling her first stint as a jewellery designer, she said, "l remember, the year 2000 was the one when I received my first order which was a mangalsutra. I made it in cubic zirconia and then I had also suggested my client to make it detachable so that she could wear it anyway she likes. From then on, it was there on my mind to make a piece which is detachable so that the client can wear it multiple times. That was the main thought process since I started. People make huge jewelries which they wear once and then they're kept in a locker, all forgotten. The main idea was to make jewellery which is transformable and useful. I kept an exhibition wherein I continued making small pieces in American diamond. Luckily in 5 days, I sold 100 pieces. With word of mouth, people started coming to me."
When Kapila Bhutta decided to inculcate fusion onto her designs, the ideation of 'Joolreifusion' came into being. The objective was to detach and transform the jewellery according to the need of the client. Breaking her silence on her challenges in this journey, she said, "I was actually not encouraged initially to be a jewellery designer because it was an out of the box career choice. I could hear people telling me, 'You cannot make a living out of such a career' or 'You cannot possibly think of doing this.' My dad went against all odds and supported me in this venture. People also looked skeptical when I went to collect the raw materials. But I still diligently chased onto my dreams. Then I got married and obviously, it was not allowed for the daughter-in-laws to work that time. But my husband (Anuj) was very supportive and motivated me to continue with my work. He was always there by my side when I used to design late at night at my workshops and deliver them at odd hours. Then, in the year 2007, I gave birth to a beautiful girl Jinaya but unfortunately she was only there with us for 9 months. Needless to say, it was a very tough phase for me. Our family was then trying to send us here and there to cheer us up but I told my father-in-law, that anywhere we'll go, the pain will still be there. Then I requested him to allow me to continue my work and actually, you can say I took hold of the situation. So then, I used to do my work at the night when everyone was asleep or I used to get up at odd hours in the night when I used to get the design in my head. In the afternoons, I used to go to my workshop and try to finish all my work." Thus Kapila Bhutta turned this tough phase in her life into the main driving force behind her dreams.
Kapila Bhutta soon had to take another sabbatical from her work after the birth of her son Yashneil but that did not deter her from her dream to start designing at a grand scale. Soon, after the birth of her son, she bounced back to her work with the same zeal and determination. It was then that she decided to officially launch her brand which was a steadfast decision on her part. But again the winds blew against her when just before her set launch date, the demonetisation hit the nation in the year 2016. She said, "It was a huge setback so we waited for another year to see the scenario of the market. So finally within 30 days, on 3rd September 2017, we did the official brand launch. My family was my co-team and together, we prepared over 100 pieces of jewellery. We had a grand launch at St. Regis wherein in the morning, we had big names from the jewellery industry preview my jewellery and in the evening we had a seminar where my husband gave a lovely speech on me. I also did a photoshoot of myself and all of my prominent designs and on 21st September, 2018, we launched the Joolreifusion coffee table book. Now I also have my own studio wherein I work from between 8:30 to 6:30."
Today, Kapila Bhutta recalls all her hurdles and the people who had proved to be hurdles in her life with an utmost conviction. She says, "My father is my biggest support system because being in a joint family, he was literally asked to choose between his daughter's education in jewellery and the family in which he choose me. I faced a lot of opposition from my extended family. This was the truth and my father went through a very difficult phase financially but that day I decided that if I ever get a chance to earn back, I'll earn as the eldest son of the house. My mother was my second strength as she always accompanied me to the market or the workshop and our bond was literally like best friends. My husband was again a big support because he never said no to me. We could've enjoyed the earlier years as a couple but instead, we worked hard together during the odd hours of the day. My in-laws again were big support system." She says, "My career would not have been where its today, had it not been for the relentless support of my husband and in-laws."
Today, Kapila Bhutta remains ever optimistic about her endeavor. Her passion for jewellery fuels her appetite and keenness to churn innovative pieces of ornaments to cater to the needs of her clients. Her story is every woman's story who has fought against all odds to achieve her dreams.