From Prajakta Koli to Shashi Tharoor: 6 best sessions conducted at IFP12.

From Prajakta Koli to Shashi Tharoor: 6 best sessions conducted at IFP12.

Formerly known as the India film project, IFP was back with another season of conviviality with its on-ground events conducted by experts in the respective field. This season was grander, more enthralling, and dare I say it, the best of IFP so far. Organized on the 8th and 9th of October, it was a film festival not to be missed by the buffs and connoisseurs of craft. Right from the role of religion to getting acquainted with the film's technical prowess, IFP12 focused on blending every subject matter that holds influence on the next generation. 

There were nearly 60-70 sessions conducted this year and each had its charm, which made it so difficult to choose the top among them. Before ranking them, kudos to the hosts and the entire team of IFP for making this season a whopping success. Now lo and behold the top 6 sessions of IFP12 

6. Future of Democracy. Dr. Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Shoma Chaudhary.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor has garnered a reputation for using words that lie to the  extent of anyone's knowledge, but the man of complicated words has a knack for explaining his case well. The future of democracy for the 'youngest' country in the world was an enthralling subject matter to discuss. This was Shoma Chaudhary's second session for the day but she didn't miss a beat in keeping the conversation flowy. 

For a generation that believes in authority and the right use of power, this conversation was as important as any other. Personally, When Dr. Shashi Tharoor discussed the role of criticism and the ability to hear it was amongst the best moments of the segment.

5. #Ask The Makers of Mismatched: 

The Making of Season 2 & Gen Z Relationships. Akarsh Khurana, Gazal Dhaliwal, Prajakta Koli & Rohit Saraf in conversation with RJ Prerna.

This has to be one of the most fun segments this season. First off all the love to RJ Prerna for being so dynamic while conducting a riveting conversation. We all fell in love with Rishi and Dimple in the year 2020, so it was quite natural their comeback was only going to excite the fans they have amassed together. While we have heard Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf talk about Mismatched before, this was among the rare times when we heard from the creators of the show how they had lined up this season.

Akarsh Khurana and Gazal Dhaliwal addressed the reception they received during the first season and how it compelled them to write even better for the fans. Gazal Dhaliwal wanted to have ensamblable characters, each having their flaws and arcs. Prajakta Koli was a treat to hear as usual. To be honest we still don't know if Dimple inspired Prajakta or Prajakta inspired dimple. And of course, Rohit Sharaf was himself. All in all a fun session. Plus the fans present at IFP got an exclusive sneak peek of the show too.

4. The New-Age Educators

Running Social Media Schools. Aakash Ranison, Dr. Siddharth Warrier, Leeza Mangaldas & Sharan Hegde in conversation with Ayush Shukla.

The premise of this session connects strongly with every creator who wants to establish themselves on social media. Most of our waking hours are spent thinking about productivity rather than being productive, to add to that we are often caught amidst scrolling content more than necessary. The new-age educators have found the gap in the market, they are running social media schools now.

Aakash Ranison, Dr. Siddharth Warrier, Leeza Mangaldas & Sharan Hegde in conversation with Ayush Shukla has to be one of the most thought-provoking sessions conducted at IFP12. The finesse with which each subject was explained gave a lot of insight about what works as a creator, what is the entry point and how education on reels is the next big thing. I thoroughly liked Sharan Hegde's take on reels that cover the topics of finance.

3. Making of a Classic:Dead Poets Society. Tom Schulman (virtual) in conversation with Anand Gandhi.

So many sessions conducted in IFP and yet Making of a Classic : Dead Poets Society is imprinted strongly in my mind. I can remember each word for the cognizance it held for its product. Probably the only complaint I have with IFP is that we didn't get a separate session with Anand Gandhi and his perspective on Tumbbad post four years.

But that silly qualm aside, Anand Gandhi and Tom Schulman who joined virtually didn't fail to make us smile throughout the session. Tom Schulman revealed how several studios rejected the film and the one the one studio that accepted had several notes. Even the title was to be changed because of how unmarketable it was at that time, at one point it was to be named Mr.Keating's way.

The highlight of the session has to be Tom Schulman admitting how Robin Williams didn't warm up to the role initially but soon found its way when he realized teaching and stand-up comedy both were linked by a common thread, they both took cues, both involved dialogues but most of all; it was the stories that brought in a reaction from the audience. This session was memorable without a shadow of doubt.

2. Understanding the Intricacies of Making a True Crime Show Ft. Delhi Crime. Richie Mehta in conversation with Aryaan Misra.

One of the first sessions conducted by IFP12. You might know Richie Mehta from his previous works I'll Follow You Down, a science fiction film starring Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell, or the Indian-Canadian drama film Siddharth. His previous projects have garnered him acclaim and bagged awards. In 2019 Richie Mehta created a crime drama, titled Delhi Crime that carved a distinctive and noteworthy path. He was in conversation with Aryaan Misra when he disclosed the making of the Delhi crime, how writing such a genre had taxing research involved, and what it was to be exploring the world of this crime.

This session was not just about the technical aspects of making such a film, rather it focused more on writing and setting up the characters, and how even the name of the character has an impact on the viewers. For all the writers out there, IFP presented a neat session on the intensive writing journey.

1. Debutant Directors Roundtable: How I Made My First Film. Anubhuti Kashyap, Divyang Thakkar, Dr. Sailesh Kolanu, Hitesh Bhatia & Jasmeet K. Reen with Mohar Basu.

At number one we have the Debutant Directors Roundtable. The start of something new can be overshadowed by fear and apprehension. IFP is a host to numerous aspiring prime movers of creative fields who are waiting for that one opportunity to meet their dreams. More often than not before taking the first step, a lot of questions set in. These Questions can only be answered by the ones who take the leap of faith. 

Debutant Directors Roundtable answered all the questions about their first dive into the world of films and how they navigated it amidst creating their fictional tale for the screen. Anubhuti Kashyap, Divyang Thakkar, Dr. Sailesh Kolanu,

Hitesh Bhatia & Jasmeet K. Reen with Mohar Basu gave us insight into the process of making their first film, how the reception affected their lives and what makes a good film remarkable.

"A good review can't affect a bad film and a bad review won't stop a good film." This was hands down IFP's best session for the letters of wisdom it wrote in our minds. It was inspiring, it was moving but most of all it taught us how your first introduction to the field can be a lot different than your imagination, so it's better to take the leap than think about how the world might look. 

After season twelve's enthralling experience we can't wait for what season thirteen has to offer. IFP 12 made sure October is memorable for film enthusiasts.