Here’s How Shahid Kapoor Debunked All The Criticism Surrounded Jersey!

Here’s How Shahid Kapoor Debunked All The Criticism Surrounded Jersey!
Shahid Kapoor has nearly completed two decades at the box office. He has transformed from a chocolate boy persona to the powerhouse of Indian cinema. His cheeky personality paired with great acting skills has made him relevant even after 20 years.

To this day, Shahid Kapoor has always found ways and means to surprise his fans. So naturally, when Jersey was announced, a lot of discussions opened. The positive side of the spectrum praised the actor for taking on an emotive role; but the other side, the less receptive side, did not welcome Jersey's announcement with open arms.

But contrary to some beliefs, Jersey has been garnering rave reviews from all over. Here are 5 predictions debunked about Jersey.

1) Shahid Kapoor adding new nuances to his filmography

There was a popular discourse on social media stating Shahid Kapoor is set to play the same role as an adult struggling in life due to the past. People drew parallels between his character in Jersey and that of Kabir Singh.

But in Shahid Kapoor's defense, the two characters share specific distinctions. Kabir Singh dealt with a person letting alcohol control his life while he mourns over his broken heart. Jersey will have Arjun Talwar making ends meet while harboring the weight of lost dreams. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a romance drama. It's about a father's quest to fulfill his son's wish. 

2) The Hindi and Telugu adaptations has its own winning approach 

Fans of the 2019 Telugu sports drama Jersey had their doubts over the Hindi version of this film. The Telugu version is a celebrated piece of art. Starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath, Jersey received critical acclaim upon its release. The film went ahead to win two national awards. Some even called Jersey to be one of the best films in contemporary times.

Whenever any movie is adapted to a new language, there is always hesitation with its delivery. Perhaps the same joke might not carry through in a new language. Actors will be different, the nature of direction will be different and even the sound score might be transformed. 

While all of this is justified, a few others also need to be taken into consideration. Jersey is directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri who was the writer and director of the Telugu version too. The music is by Anirudh Ravichander while Sachet–Parampara are the songwriters and singers of the entire album.This fiery combination will only take a step up with its soundscore. The casting too is incredible, Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, and Pankaj Kapur all known for their top drawer performances. Jersey won't be a hit and miss at the box office.

3) Jersey's Hindi version put together all elements of a good remake!

People on the internet are concerned with the remake being a copy-pasted version with no creativity or additional input. There have been conversations regarding the ease at which films are made without departing from the original material.
But to counter that, remakes in nature will have similarities. Jersey is made in Hindi because probably a certain language might relate to a hero they have seen act more in this language.
Shahid Kapoor and Nani both are fine actors which can excel in any language no doubt. But it's how the majority of the audiences will be brought to the theatres is a point to be considered.

4) This sports drama can be watched by even non-cricket lovers

Movies build on a target audience for a greater appeal. The viewers might assume 'Jersey' to be strictly oriented towards sports buffs. But it couldn't be farther away from the truth. Jersey is nearly close to the three-hour mark, and it's packed with comedy, action, and romance alongside sports drama. Director Gowtam Tinnanuri knits the film for every type of audience.

There is something for everyone in Jersey, Cricket is rather a theme or plot point in the film not the entire story. This movie is not about cricket, it's about Arjun Talwar's relationship with cricket.

5) Jersey's steers clear from melodrama

There is a difference between drama and melodrama, if done correctly both turn out to be an asset. However, through the years 'melodrama' has received a bad reputation because of its predictable and lazy storyline. Jersey doesn't dabble in that risky orbit.

People were doubting its credibility and material. A lot of comments were directed towards Jersey being another Bollywood flick without having any substance.But much like the Telugu version of Jersey tackled a lot of themes that were offbeat and inspiring. It steered clear from the cheesy narrative providing some hard-hitting lessons. 

Despite being a remake, directed by the same national award-winning director Gowtam Tinnanuri the film in totality has transcended the best in all the elements. From Shahid’s impeccable performance to the powerhouse performance of Pankaj Kapur and the effortless performance by Mrunal, Ronit Kamra, and all the other supporting cast. The essence of the movie is the “emotion” and that has come across brilliantly. From the acting, direction, screenplay, and music Jersey has proved to be a perfect film.