OMG! Did Sonam Kapoor's Anamika Khanna Attire Just Got Embroiled Itself In A Plagiarism Controversy?

OMG! Did Sonam Kapoor's Anamika Khanna Attire Just Got Embroiled Itself In A Plagiarism Controversy?
Well, sometimes Sonam Kapoor just becomes controversy's favorite child. But this time trouble came up for the actress by a well known instagram page called Diet Sabya which highlights designers who plagiarise other people's creations or designs. It so happened that the page posted a picture of Sonam Kapoor's pink Anamika Khanna lehega which she wore for the Isha Ambani wedding. The outfit had the words 'Everything' and 'Is Ak Ok' in black font. The page pointed out that Anamika's creation was similar to Concept Jordans Vogue magazine's Anna Wintour which was launched in June last year. 

But Sonam Kapoor did not take this plagiarism allegation quietly. She commented on their post and also posted a picture on her social media coming in her and Anamika Khanna's defence. She commented on their page saying, ' Dear Diet Sabya, this is a bit of a reach on your part. I'm a but (bit) disappointed. As a fan of your inspired page I hoped for better.' She also took to her instagram to post a version of hers and Anamika's outfit. She clarified how even the words 'Is Ak Ok' were inspired by their own personal experiences. 
Sonam Kapoor's sister Rhea Kapoor who had styled Sonam for the event also left a comment on her post coming in Anamika Khanna's defence. She wrote, ' Anamika is a private person who doesn't like being vulnerable in the public eye, for the record the first time she wore ak ok it was herself at a vogue event where she one designer of the year and went with her sons. I was there, and I speak from knowledge. There is also a post on her page explaining it. Before calling the most talented designer in our country, as a wannabe fashion journalist you should’ve checked. Her silhouettes are inspired by street culture and her boys from hip hop who are now helping her with the business. That’s where it came from. From her sons.'

Rhea also added how Anamika was ailing from an illness for a long time and had to struggle on getting back to work. She wrote, '  "She is a true original and a true artist, far from plagiarism. She lives in her own world in Calcutta but is astute and talented enough to pick up the pulse of what’s going on. Your post is truly irresponsible and heartbreaking. AWOK which isn’t hyphenated as ‘A-OK is, is inspired by virgil who in turn is inspired by Kim jones, raf simons and Prada. Trends and pop culture inform us all, but irresponsible name calling is shameful. And Anamika’s copy says ‘everything will be ak-ok.'

Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor soon unfollwed the instagram page Diet Sabya. Diet Sabya too deleted the particular post on Anamika Khanna.