Sonam Kapoor: Will always champion an Indian designer on international platforms

Sonam Kapoor: Will always champion an Indian designer on international platforms
Bollywood star and Global Fashion icon Sonam Kapoor’s influence on the Indian fashion landscape & pop culture is undisputed. Sonam, through her incredible sartorial sense, is India’s fashion ambassador to the world. Sonam was the first to start the trend of red carpet couture and she was also the first to wear Indian designers at major global events!

Sonam, who is also the most influential voice in fashion today, reveals her reason to go local at such events which has led to India having major fashion moments globally! 

She says, “For me, I remember it was my first Cannes appearance. I was working with an international brand and they were taking me to Cannes. I know Masaba since we were kids, we were in kathak class together. But my sister Rhea and I discussed and we were like 'we should wear an Indian designer on a global platform' and we wanted to wear a designer who was young and someone who represented the modern and young India.”

She adds, “I remember, I wore her (Masaba) saree and at that time, I draped the saree myself. We had one make-up artist that was being shared by all young girls representing the global brand that I was endorsing. I remember going there and suddenly there was this one photographer who comes and takes a picture of me and the next thing I know is that I am on the cover of a leading fashion magazine in America!”

Sonam further says, “I cannot tell you how excited Masaba was! But what was very exciting for me was the fact that I was 23 years old, that an Indian designer featured on a global magazine, and I felt very proud of it as an Indian! After that time, Rhea and I decided that every time there is an international platform, we will always champion an Indian designer, and we have done that.”

On the work front, Sonam has two tent pole projects, one being Battle for Bittora. The details of other project have been kept under wraps.