Taapsee Pannu 'Dobaaraa' Delivers An Exhilarating Performance In 2022!

Taapsee Pannu 'Dobaaraa' Delivers An Exhilarating Performance In 2022!
Starring: Taapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati, Nassar, Rahul Bhat, Himanshi Choudhry, Saswata Chatterjee
Directed by: Anurag Kashyap
Genre: Mystery drama
Duration: 2h 15m

Dobaaraa, or intended to be known as 2:12 is a mystery drama centered around a woman trapped in a loveless marriage and the events of one night that changed her entire life. She gets one chance to rewrite someone's past but not without consequences. 

What does Dobaaraa get right? 
Direction and writing 
High-concept story with a shock value? Anurag Kashyap is your man. He has a good hold over conflict and tension. Dobaaraa is immensely tense and compelling, all due to the stellar elements employed by Anurag Kashyap. He hasn't crammed in unnecessary plot and twists, he has only stuck to the source and mastered to fuel viewers' adrenaline rush. 

Anurag Kashyap and Nihit Bhave made sure the audience didn't have a hard time connecting with the story. There are astonishing sequences, shock values, confessions, and unforeseeable twists to facilitate the viewers in wanting for more. Dobaaraa works well because the writing is not compromised. Complex stories with flawed characters are always welcomed.


Taapsee Pannu's mesmerizing performance once again becomes the strong link for a movie. In Dobaaraa, Taapsee's character is encoding a mystery, connecting dots, and fighting her fate in less than two hours, but not a minute in the movie where her performance fell flat. She is at the front, leading the pack and making sure the movie accounts for memorable moments.

Pavail Gulati's performance is right on the mark. A nail-biting thriller demands actors to maintain the suspense to a good degree, Pavail Gulati does just that. The Element of surprise is propelled by the actor effortlessly. Gulati has delivered an incredibly committed role. 

Nasser M is at his best. He delivers a towering performance. He is devoted to being a pillar for Dobaaraa, he is pivotal in sequences of conflict. As usual a fine performance by Nasser M. 

Arrian Sawant delivers a neat performance. The first few minutes of any thriller are said to be crucial as they set the tone for the film. Arrian Sawant manages to establish a mood with a clear conscience, A solid attempt by Arrian Sawant amongst the best.

Weaker links to Dobaaraa?

Original soundtrack

Not all movies need a musical, or rather music isn't just for entertainment. It serves to carry the plot forward or convey the character's emotions. The background music is not bad in this film, but it doesn't have an impact. Movies of the same genre and themes should employ a powerful sound score. It had the scope to produce an exhilarating original soundtrack but unfortunately couldn't deliver. Some sequences are aided by it, however, as far as the movie is concerned the raw emotions of terror and helplessness aren't conveyed to the audience by the soundtrack.

Final thoughts: Skip or watch?

Race against time, a do-over with consequences, and the Taapseee Pannu-Anurag Kashyap duo make Dobaaraa worth the watch. A few flaws alongside some brilliant elements. It is unskippable for its plot, characters, and performances. Watch it for Tapseee Pannu because she won't disappoint. 

Stars: 3.5/5