Ace Film-Maker Mahesh Bhatt Has Found A New Superstar!

Ace Film-Maker Mahesh Bhatt Has Found A New Superstar!
It’s a well-known fact that film makers from Bollywood have an eye for finding talented actors for their ambitious projects. Mahesh Bhatt, renowned film-maker has always given chance to raw talent who have later made a mark in the industry. His next project ‘Dil Jaise Dhadke… Dhadakne Do’ that shall soon air on Star Plus has an interesting storyline that revolves around two children whose souls have been damned by destiny and in spite of their bond being unadulterated, their love does not find salvation. The veteran has selected Master Jared Albert Savaille, a 6-year- old boy to play the key character of ‘Yug’ on his show.  
Jared’s character Yug is that of a typical kid who’s full of life and mischief and loves spending time with his friends. The child actor who shall be making his debut on television with Mahesh Bhatt’s show has not limited his talent to acting, the little champ has also rapped on the show! Looks like the entertainment industry has found a new Rockstar in Jared! The rap is based on a Ramleela act which narrates the story of Ramayana in a fun way as a child would do.
Mahesh Bhatt, renowned film-maker, Director & Producer said, “I can smell a Star from a mile.Jared is not only a star he is a Rock Star. The role of Yug fits him like a glove. He is not just another child artist in our landscape. He has the soul of innocence and the vitality of the age we live in. His dedication to the craft of acting astounds us all. His innocent questions about his performance keeps everybody on the Set on their toes and fiercely engaged with the scene that is being shot. He is the Gangotri of inspiration. Just watch his Rap song and you will wake up to this phenomenon we have introduced in our show DJDDD. Super Stardom is his destiny.” 
We can’t wait to watch the little wonder - Jared make his debut on television with Dil Jaise Dhadake… Dhadakne Do!
Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do will soon air on Star Plus!