Dhaakad Review: Kangana Ranaut Is The Force Behind This Brutal Thriller

Dhaakad Review: Kangana Ranaut Is The Force Behind This Brutal Thriller
Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta
Directed by: Razneesh Razy Ghai
Genre: Thriller/Adventure
Duration: 2h 15m

Plot: Dhaakad follows the story of Agni, a highly equipped and lethal field representative, who is assigned with an undertaking to assemble intel and eradicate Rudraveer, an arms trafficker who is laying low for a decade. It is upon this agent to find him and put a stop to the mishap. All the while receiving no clues whatsoever. 

High intense drama worth the weekend?

What works for the film?


The visual vocabulary of Dhaakad by Tetsuo Nagata is neat. The color palette gets tragic and grim as the movie progresses and the terror unravels. The art and technology in the world of Dhaakad are equal to using stylistic choices in the form of wide shots, tight camera angles and low angles in a perfect design.  Tetsuo Nagata does a sleek job of visioning a perilous environment and makes the audience feel the same.


Razneesh Ghai seems to adapt his style very well in Dhaakad. He doesn't choose a diplomatic or sugar-coated way to tell the story of Dhaakad. It's raw, brutal, and hard-hitting. He captures the emotions between a chaotic world, characters who are ready to throw punches at anything, and situations that are dire. Dhaakad isn't one tone, it has arcs and narratives along with emotions and intensity. The credit goes to Razneesh Ghai.


It was a Kangana Ranaut show! Agent Agni didn't miss even a moment. She took no prisoners, she was out and out providing absolutely stunning sequences. Kangana Ranaut's dominance left the audience hooting and cheering whenever she kicked ass or showcased moments of weakness. The ability to heavy lift the lengthy sequences isn't a trivial quality, it requires some serious skills. Kangana Ranaut was phenomenal in this role.

The absolute right casting choice –Arjun Rampal. Whenever Arjun takes on a more serious role, especially the morally grey ones, we see a different actor altogether. He executes his part so well. This character is designed to exert heavy consequences. Arjun understands it well and doesn't shy away to be as ruthless as possible. He is incredible in Dhaakad.

Divya Dutta caught me off guard. She supports the pack with her presence. Her hold over her material truly shines when the plot kicks in. Audiences before the movie were worried her part will be used as a prop, it does not. Without giving any spoilers, she has elevated the story to unfold more narratives.

What doesn't work for the film?


Pacing can never be good or bad, it is what works for the story. In this case, a high stake situation packed with action demands sequences to happen in quick succession. However, in Dhaakad, the first half drags in some parts, and the pace takes time to come to the point. The story holds your intrigue but in some moments the low points of tension aren't executed well.

Lengthy sequences

Maybe there is a world out there that can appreciate the repeated use of monologues and metaphors to convey points. But I can't say the same for this one. Dhaakad has a great story, even the dialogues aren't the worst. But what's keeping Dhaakad from being absolutely perfect is the snips of lengthy scenes and repeated usage of figures of speech for the most part. In some moments they appear good on screen, in some, they lose importance. 

Final verdict

It's not a one-man army show but an entire team effort. The movie has some of the best action sequences of 2022 so far. It's enjoyable and sets a high bar for any movie with the same genre ahead. It can't be avoided, Dhaakad is worth the watch. 

Stars: 3.5/5