Hrithik Roshan Wins Chinese Fans’ Hearts In Mandarin; Swoons Them At 'Kaabil' Premiere!

Hrithik Roshan Wins Chinese Fans’ Hearts In Mandarin; Swoons Them At 'Kaabil' Premiere!
The Bollywood Superstar, Hrithik Roshan who recently got his Chinese fans in tears after serving them food in a local food joint during his China visit, created a huge buzz once again by enthralling his fans while talking to them in Mandarin after the premier release of his recent movie, Kaabil which is all set to release on 5th June, 2019.

After watching the upcoming movie’s premiere, the Chinese fans were already taken aback by the actor’s stellar performance. 

That wasn’t enough and while interacting with his Sino land admirers, the actor started conversing with them in Mandarin which just got all his fans pumped up with excitement. To top it all, the actor’s die hard fan also sung the title track from the movie which brought a huge smile to Hrithik’s face. 

At the end of the premier, the actor took a picture with all of his fans and was seen spending a good time with them. 
The Millennium Superstar who hails in Bollywood as Asia’s sexiest man for having Greek god looks is not only popular among Indian fans for his awe-inspiring personality but the Chinese fans also coined the name, ‘Da Shuai’ which means extremely handsome for Hrithik. The actor is inundated with tons of messages on his social media handles from his East Asian fans. 

The film ‘Kaabil’ garnered great success in India at the box office and was very much loved by the fans. The first glimpse of the film in China made a massive introduction to Asia's sexiest man, overseas. The movie features Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam as the lead pair for the first time on the big screen.  

It seems that Hrithik Roshan did swoon the Chinese fans with his utmost hotness, as the actor’s most awaited film’s premier release delivered a commendable response from the audience. The Chinese fans cannot wait for the most anticipated movie’s release anymore, as few hours are left for the movie to be out in theatres. 

Hrithik Roshan, who has earlier delivered stellar performances will be slipping into the character of a Mathematician for his upcoming film, Super 30, who grooms 30 students or the competitive exam of IIT-JEE which will be releasing on 12th July 2019.