K.G.F 2 Review : Yash Starrer Is An Epic Drama of Revenge and Redemption. Raw, Brutal and Emotive!

K.G.F 2 Review : Yash Starrer Is An Epic Drama of Revenge and Redemption. Raw, Brutal and Emotive!
K.G.F Chapter 2
Cast: Yash; Sanjay Dutt; Srinidhi Shetty; Raveena Tandon; Prakash Raj
Genre: Action/Drama
Director: Prashanth Neel
Duration: 2h 48m

Plot: The gory land of Kolar Gold Fields is now looked over by Rocky, an intimidating fierce overload. Rocky is looked up as their messiah by his allies. The people in power see him as a peril to law and order; foes are looking for vengeance and plotting his downfall. 
What works for the film?
Initially, There was a bit of prejudice against the storytelling style. Whether it was the back and forth with the story because of the flashbacks, the slow-motion shots, or the long-drawn-out sequences. But it completely grows on you as the story unfolds. K.G.F Chapter 2 is one of its kind cinema, and a significant credit goes to Prashanth Neel. His artistic vision manages to pull off an extravagant film with precision and tact. He assembles three most crucial parts of this film namely; performances, music, and screenplay which makes chapter 2 a thrilling ride.

The performance of the cast needs the tallest pedestal. Yash who plays Rocky puts forth one hell of a show. Not one scene in this movie in which Yash stars falls flat. Every frame featuring Yash as Rocky is rewarding to watch. His cheeky yet intimidating character is well designed and escapes the trap of presumptuous characters. 

Sanjay Dutt stars in this larger-than-life cinema. The trailer invited a polarizing reaction for his character, but rest assured it's brilliantly executed in the movie. Dutt pulls off this character with an appeal to win over the masses. He doesn't fail. Sanjay Dutt as Adheera's costume design works impeccably. 

Ramika Sen needs her own spin-off. Raveena Tandon plays the part of Ramika Sen, a person in a powerful position unafraid to face anyone's antics. This portrayal on the surface appeared to be another tough on exterior person bending backward as the strong progress. But it's nothing to that effect. Raveena Tandon nails this role.

Archana Jois has a good hold over the material given. She does exactly what is needed of her. Srinidhi Shetty has good sequences, Her role could have more to it but we can't disparage much with the story arcs.

Ravi Basrur can do no wrong with K.G.F's music. The soundtrack of this film began three years prior to its release. "Toofan", and "Sulthana" are euphonic. The film technique is to elevate the grim scenes with rich and heavy BGM. Even though it goes overboard in some parts, overall the BGM of K.G.F chapter 2 is tuneful to hear.

Finally, the dialogues and screenplay. If one thing every budding writer has to take away from this story is the art of writing an action film. Action films are by design weighted more on their stunts and gestures than their dialogues, and yet there is a knack for writing this genre. K.G.F incorporates the cause and effect into its play. Every moment, every step takes the story somewhere. We don't wait for a cue, K.G.F sets the environment perfectly. The credit goes to Prashanth Neel.

What doesn't work for the Film?

Nothing is perfect, and unfortunately, K.G.F 2 is a little short of perfection. The background music distracts the viewers due to its tone-deaf pitch in some parts of the movie. There is a general rule, background music should keep the audience hooked and not distort their viewing experience. Make no mistake the background music isn't bad, it's only loud at times.

Another thing which couldn't deliver dominantly was the romantic plot. Yash and Srinidhi Shetty have tried their best to keep the chemistry enthralling but unfortunately, it comes up as a bit forced even in chapter 2.

Lastly the length, K.G.F chapter 2 ends at 2h 48m mark. A story can be of five minutes or five hours as long as it doesn't lose its audience. K.G.F's length isn't unbearable, all the technical aspects and plot devices have done a stellar job in holding the viewers attention for most parts however in some fractions the duration of the movie seems a tad bit extended. A few scenes either conveyed in exposition or a subplot tweaked would have made it crisp.

Final thoughts.
A raw, brutal, and ruthless story that is powerfully written and executed. The technical value of this film ranks high and the entire film is filled with entertaining sequences. K.G.F 2 should not be skipped in any case.