Odd Couple Review: The Story Has A Different Charm. It's Impressive And Entertaining

Odd Couple Review: The Story Has A Different Charm. It's Impressive And Entertaining
Starring: Divyenndu Sharma, Pranati Rai Prakash, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Pahwa
Directed by: Prashant Johari 
Genre: Drama
Duration: 114 minutes

Marriage is an institution that unites two people?
Odd couple follows through modern-day relationships as two couples accidentally get married to each other's spouses. The best solution is divorce but is it the easiest amongst them? 

What Odd Couple gets right?

The Cast
Every time you see Vijay Raaz onscreen, you don't see the actor, you see the character. This is perhaps a sign of a great performer. Vijay Raaz as Yogesh Pant adds the much-needed dimension to the character. He completely bosses over the part giving us memorable moments in the Film.

Divyenndu Sharma is in fine form. He elevates the role with his thoughtful presence and watchful eyes. It's pleasant to see his character's dynamics in the mix. Divyenndu in the third act shines the brightest when conflicts are drawing in and the plot is heading towards resolution. He was impressive in this part.

Pranati Rai Prakash's performance is captivating in the second half. The first half does comprise a bit of her character by making it loud and heedless. This might work for a few instances, but sometimes the jokes don't land. Thankfully Pranati Rai Prakash is stellar in her part and puts forth a genuine effort.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is equal parts amusing and emotive in his role. She is poised, sharp, and understands the role very well. The moments building up to the main conflict were carried very well by Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. The role of Nibedita in capable hands is no doubt.

Characterization and point of view

Piyush (Divyenndu Sharma) is a calm, dynamic, and ever-so-patient guy. The kind of person on the surface who wants to solve problems without getting conflict in the way. At the start of the movie we see him being a mediator when chaos ensues. Whereas his better half Nivedita (Pranati Rai Prakash) is an impulsive and offbeat girl. She would take a life-altering decision based on fewer calculations. She acts fast and gives little thought to many things. The character of Nibedita (Suchitra Krishnamurthy) is thoughtful and unflustered. She is open-minded and sensitive to the situation around her. She is puzzled by the odd ways of life but tries to piece them together. Yogesh Pant (Vijay Raaz) is seen as a self-assertive lonely man. He doesn't trust easily. The connections he makes can't match the life he has lived, so he chooses flight instead of fight.

Each character has a distinct point of view offering a different take on relationships. It's tough to find anyone right or wrong. That's just how people are, and director Prashant Johari along with his writing unit choose to tell their story. Not glorify or belittle them, but humanize qualities.

Concept and tone

Director Prashant Johari is a man on a mission. He is keen on delivering a novel perspective on the dynamics of modern relationships. He opts for the wit and wisdom method instead of hammering philosophies through long monologues or lengthy scenes. The best thing about Odd couple is the treatment of the product. It is here to make a point without taking itself too seriously. The tone is light and breezy.
Prashant Johari has set an atmosphere where characters challenge each other, create polarizing viewpoints and find themselves in odd situations. But this takes the movie forward rather than complicating it. The dynamics shared by the 'couples' is what drives the movie. 

Weaker links of the Odd couple?


It's not necessarily the worst thing but you can see most of the plot lines from a mile away. The film is setting itself apart through the concept but some plot points might appear to be a tad bit unoriginal. It's clear that Odd couple is a narrative-driven story that focuses on outcomes. But the journey is important, and this film has speed bumps that are too familiar. 

Flawed three-act structure.

It's one of those movies that have a unique concept with a great start but lose themselves slowly only to remember their worth again towards the end. The Odd Couple has a three-act structure by default. The first act — Set up, no major flaws. The movie sets up the story pretty well. The second act — confrontation, is slow despite good performances. Finally, the third act — resolution, is not half as bad as the middle. It ties up pretty neat. If only the confrontation had a solid case this film would be considered even better.

Final thoughts - Watch or skip?

A good weekend watch that is enjoyable yet insightful. The story has a different charm. It's impressive and entertaining. Watch this movie for its unique premise.

Stars: 3.5/5