Operation Romeo Review : Thrilling Until The End With Smart Screenplay and Effective Performances

Operation Romeo Review : Thrilling Until The End With Smart Screenplay and Effective Performances
Cast : Sidhant Gupta, Vedika Pinto, Bhumika Chawla, Sharad Kelkar, Kishor Kadam
Genre: Thriller
Director: Shashant Shah

Plot: A young couple on an unfortunate night becomes a victim to moral policing. The movie follows the story of that one night and its aftermath. A message-oriented film that is dark and grim.

What works for the film?

If there is one thing the movie has done impeccably right is building and then holding the tension. Shashant Shah knows the pillar of any thriller is suspense. This movie in its entire run time instills fear among the audiences, the possibility of misfortune and peril looms over the night, and Shashant Shah rightly captures it. 
Presenting a social issue without overkilling it with heavy messaging is important. We see this being taken very seriously in the movie. The concept of moral policing and its effects post the incident are foregrounded. Even the environment set for the film gives an appearance of a horror movie coming into play, which is exactly how the situation is experienced.

Vedika Pinto as Neha is in control of her material. She evokes the right emotions in us, we feel her helplessness, and not for a moment does she draw us out of her story. She is effortless in carrying the story forward with her acting chops.

Kishor Kadam's character is an important piece in holding the tension. He pulls off this role with ease. All the moments he shares with other characters make you doubtful of his intentions as a 'police cop.' 

Even though Bhumika Chawla's character is one-note, she adds her own charm to it. She takes care of her role, doesn't overdo it, and maintains a fine line between emotions and dramatization.

Sharad Kelkar has all tricks up his sleeve to deliver great performance after great performance. He doesn't fail in this one too. Sharad Kelkar has a quality of acting beyond what is expected of him, he surprises the audiences with tiny moments he shares in between dialogues; almost as if there is more to this character. We get engrossed in his role. Performance so crisp, you'll love to hate him.

Sidhant Gupta is absolutely phenomenal in his role. From a naive person to a revenge-seeking man all in a matter of some time is surreal to witness. A fallout with everyone around him after facing a great ordeal and slowly coming to terms with his suppressed emotions makes up for a layered character. He puts forth a strong case for himself, we root for him even when he is in the wrong.

Operation Romeo is not abrupt while unfolding the story, it foreshadows the future from the beginning. Some foreshadowed moments are a blink and a miss while others are visible enough to be connected later. This works well for a film, a good suspense should be anticipated first by the audience.

What doesn't work for the film?
But a few boxes are left unchecked, the effective sound score is one. It didn't stand out. It didn't advance the scene either. It appeared to be a bit stagnant. 
Another thing that appeared to be a hindrance is the dialogue. The dialogues fall flat in some scenes even though the direction sets it up perfectly. Lack of consistency in proper dialogues gives an impression of chaos. Even though there aren't any long monologues, the banter falls apart in some sequences.
Even the themes surrounding the plot aren't well established. The general trope of inflicting suffering on women to prove a point to another man does not sit well.

Final thoughts?
The movie spares no effort to weave a thriller. The lead performances and effective direction make up for a good thriller.