Pet Puraan Trailer Review - Saie Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar's Unconventional Take On Parenting!

Pet Puraan Trailer Review - Saie Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar's Unconventional Take On Parenting!

In recent years, the approach toward parenthood has taken a shift. So many people in today's day and age have seen child-rearing from a different lens. However, in the fictional verse we are forced to watch the same old reserved ways of depicting the stereotypical thoughts on parenting. It's forced until a series like Pet Puraan makes an effort to try something different on screen.

Pet Puraan stars Sai Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar in leading roles as Aditi and Atul. These two represent individuals who aren't so keen on raising children because of varied reasons. In the trailer, the reaction to this decision by society is established strongly. But the trailer also makes it a point to institute that the concept is way beyond the societal views, in fact, it's an entirely different take on parenthood.

Sai Tamhankar is an effective performer who leads any venture she is a part of, Pet Puraan is no different. By the looks of the trailer, we see an assertive, self-assured, feisty lady who is fixated on her decision of not having kids. She is a voice to several women who like her share the same opinion. At least in the trailer, we don't see this being looked down upon or trivialized into jokes.

Lalit Prabhakar who was last seen in 

Aditya Sarpotdar's Zombivili has transitioned his part from a horror-comedy to a social comedy. His character is set up to echo his partner's thoughts on parenting and yet have differences of opinion on other aspects. We will see a lot of banter between the two. Lalit Prabhakar does what he knows the best, being a likable protagonist who the audience will root for.

The main conflict of the series is constructed impeccably in the series. We know exactly what to expect from the show, and what the story will be about. The tale of a pair opting to raise pets (and themselves) as the story goes along and challenging their own habits as they learn new things will be fascinating to witness.

Pet Puraan is written and directed by Dnyanesh Zoting and stars Sai Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar in pivotal roles. It will be released on 6th May and have a digital release on Sony LIV. Pet Puraan is produced by Ranjit Google of Hughes Productions.

It will be intriguing to witness how the complex subject matters introduced in the trailer being tackled in the series. The web series does offer something new and breaks away from the monotony of conventional shows. Pet Puraan, a social comedy, appears to be worth a watch by the looks of the trailer.