Re-Runs Of Salman Khan’s Films By Channels On Television To Achieve A Spike In TRPs!

Re-Runs Of Salman Khan’s Films By Channels On Television To Achieve A Spike In TRPs!
The lockdown caused due to the pandemic has brought about an inability to display new content on TV channels as the shoot and production have come to halt. In a time like this, the television channels are running low on content to put out for the television audience and are re-running popular Salman Khan films to keep the audiences engaged. 

The channels have witnessed a trend where Salman Khan's movies spike the TRP ratings. In a perilous time like this, to maintain their respective TRPs and banking on his unprecedented popularity, channels across the country are doing a re-run of Salman’s films as the superstar is a household name when it comes to the world of entertainment. 

Salman Khan’s popular movies are being played by television channels in order to treat the viewers keeping in mind the nationwide consumption, and the fact that the viewership is at its peak amidst the nationwide lockdown. Undoubtedly, Salman Khan is one of the widely loved and popular superstars of the nation with a fanbase that sees no boundaries- cutting across language, age, geographies. 

Winning over and creating history in the Television space also with popular reality  show Bigg boss, Salman is one of the few actors to have taken a reality show on a level that is unimaginable. His larger than life persona and his superstardom have boomed the TRPs every time he’s on air with the reality show leading to re-run of Bigg Boss. 

Salman has a cult fan following of his own and his movies completely conquer the box office upon release. All his fan are surely delighted to see him on television, while everyone is home quarantined!