Super 30 Movie Review: An Inspirational And Compelling Tale Of The Journey Of A Determined Teacher Against All Odds!

Super 30 Movie Review: An Inspirational And Compelling Tale Of The Journey Of A Determined Teacher Against All Odds!
Starring: Hrithik Roshan
Directed By: Vikas Bahl
3.5/5 Stars

There's a moment in the film where Hrithik Roshan (Anand Kumar) motivates his student by stating, 'ab chalang marne ka waqt aa gaya hain' wherein they have to compete with the privileged students of a reputed coaching class for the sake of their future. Such is the impact Anand Kumar has on his determined students whom he trained to fight all the obstacles on their way to IIT.

The film revolves around the inspirational journey of Anand Kumar from being a promising student who misses out on being a Cambridge alumini for lack of expenses, to gaining fame and wealth as a teacher in a reputed institution to finally realizing his true calling and embarking on his Super 30 mission to make the underprivileged students reach IIT. The film has certainly proven to be a thunderous comeback for Vikas Bahl who had gotten embroiled in some unfortunate events of late. The director effectively shapes up the first half in highlighting Anand's struggle, the impact of his family and ladylove in his life and also his delusion with the power of wealth and fame until the reality dawns on him. 

The second half showcases his camaraderie with his students and how each and every one  of them are motivated by him and share the many dangerous obstacles, his enemy throw in his path. The writing by Sanjeev Dutta brings out the subtle nuances of Anand's character and his tribulations. The rustic Bihar backdrop and the mood of Anand's humble coaching class is perfectly captured by cinematographer Anay Goswamy. 

Talking about the performances, Hrithik Roshan becomes synonymous with Anand Kumar as he effectively sinks his teeth into the character with living every emotion, helplessness, joy, triumph and struggle through utmost intricacy. You emphatize with him on his struggles and obstacles but rejoice with him during his triumph, such is the perfection showcased by Hrithik in the film. Nandish Sandhu as his brother while Virendra Saxena as his father are highly promising in their respective characters. Aditya Shrivastava shines in his negative role and Pankaj Tripathi does what he does best, he steals the show completely even with two or three scenes in his kitty. Mrunal Thakur shares an endearing performance but does not have much room to perform.

The only constraint is the editing which becomes too rigid in some parts. There are some unnecessary moments which add to the length of the film. The hospital scene where Anand's students ward off the goons look a little ambiguous and a play scene which showed the students gaining confidence could've been cut short. The music by Ajay Atul was an effective catalyst to the plotline. 

The highlight of the film is that it pays a befitting tribute to the journey of a teacher who fought against all odds for his students and swears by the message that education is the birthright of every individual.